Pedal Power MN



Pedal Power is a unique program

inspired by the realization 

of two teachers 

that too many kids 

never learned 

how to ride a bike

In our minds, that’s a problem—one that’s worth tackling, and one that we are helping to solve. Our program is cooperative, inclusive and sensitive to the needs of a school, class, or individual student. We support the growth of universal bike education across the city by removing barriers that hinder participation.

We provide bike fleets and a school-based program of bike instruction tailored to the schedule and needs of different schools at no cost to the school or students. Our program helps students access cultural, historical and recreational resources in their city and provides opportunities to learn about the camaraderie and friendships that develop around riding a bike. Students become confident in their biking skills, practice navigation and problem-solving skills, and learn basic bike care and maintenance while building a foundation for lifelong outdoor activity. We also provide tandem or other adaptive bikes, so that all students may participate along with their classmates and teachers.


Learn to Bike,
Bike to Learn

We teach kids to bike.

At school, with classmates, teachers, and community volunteers. Students learn to ride as a group, they take field trips by bike, they help figure things out and enjoy the adventure along the way.

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